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The course MNKOM3000/4000 – Formidling og vitenskapsjournalistikk (Outreach and science journalism) is an initiative from Norith Eckbo and Marit Simonsen, two former master students at the Biology department, University of Oslo. It will run as a pilot project for three years, starting with the spring semester of 2013. The 10 credit course has room for 30 students.

The first lecture ran on Friday January 18, 2013, and was held by the University Rector Ole Petter Ottersen. During the semester, we will hear from a number of communicators and journalists, and the students will be trained in different genres through a series of writing workshops. This blog is meant to display the texts that the students produce, and in time you will find essays, news articles and chronicles at the front page. Many lectures will be recorded as podcasts and also incorporated into this website.

Coordinators of the course are Dag O. Hessen and Henrik H. Svensen, while Norith Eckbo is the project manager.

Members of the working group and other collaborators who have made the course possible are Erik Tunstad, Kristoffer Bergland, Kjetil Lysne Voje, Mali Hole Skogen, Rebecca Bruu Carver and Ståle Wig. The work group has resulted in a think tank for research communication and science journalism (Tenketanken Tau).